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DbServer.Join Method

Join this DBServer object with another DBServer object and place the results in the file specified.

Namespace:  VO
Assembly:  VORDDClasses (in VORDDClasses.dll) Version: 2.7
	oDBSource AS USUAL := NIL,
	oFSTarget AS USUAL := NIL,
	aFieldList AS USUAL := NIL,
	cbForBlock AS USUAL := NIL
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oDBSource (Optional)
Type: Usual
The 'other' DBServer object to which this DBServer object is joined.  It can be specified as a DBServer object, or as the alias of a table opened in a work area.
oFSTarget (Optional)
Type: Usual
The file into which results of the join operation is placed.
aFieldList (Optional)
Type: Usual
An array of fields to be included in the join operation.
cbForBlock (Optional)
Type: Usual
The condition evaluated for each record in the scope; if TRUE, the record is included in the processing.  It provides the same functionality as the FOR clause of record processing commands.

Return Value

Type: Usual
TRUE if successful; otherwise, FALSE, although even with FALSE, some records may have been processed.  This would happen if the operation failed halfway through because of lock conflicts or technical problems.
Sends a NotifyIntentToMove message before the operation.  Sends a NotifyRecordChange message, if successful.
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