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DbServer.RecordInfo Method

Retrieve information about the indicated record.

Namespace:  VO
Assembly:  VORDDClasses (in VORDDClasses.dll) Version: 2.7
	kRecInfoType AS USUAL := NIL,
	nRecordNumber AS USUAL := NIL,
	uRecVal AS USUAL := NIL
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kRecInfoType (Optional)
Type: Usual
The information retrieved depends on the constant specified Constant Returned Value DBRI_BUFFPTR Pointer to current record buffer DBRI_DELETED Is record deleted? DBRI_DELETED Is record deleted? DBRI_RECSIZE Record length. DBRI_LOCKED Is record locked? DBRI_RECNO Record position (like the RecNo access).
Important!  DBRI_USER is a constant that returns the minimum value that third-party RDD developers can use for defining new <kInfoType> parameters.  Values less than DBRI_USER are reserved for CA development.
nRecordNumber (Optional)
Type: Usual
Indicates the record for which information is to be retrieved; if 0 or omitted, refers to the current record.
uRecVal (Optional)
Type: Usual
This parameter is reserved for RDDs that allow you to change the information rather than just retrieve it.  None of the supplied RDDs (as outlined in the 'RDD Specifics' appendix in the Programmer's Guide) support this argument.  Either omit the argument or specify it as NIL.

Return Value

Type: Usual
The data type of the return value depends on the value requested.
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