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DbServer.Commit Method

Commit all changes to disk from the buffer, ensuring that all buffers are flushed.

Namespace:  VO
Assembly:  VORDDClasses (in VORDDClasses.dll) Version: 2.7
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Return Value

Type: Usual
TRUE if successful; otherwise, FALSE.
Sends a NotifyCompletion message, if successful.  If using in conjunction with an Unlock() method, then the Commit() method should be executed prior to the Unlock() method call.  Using a Commit() when scanning numerous records can be a very slow process, thus you may want to limit your Commit() statements to every 10 or 20 records to speed up your process. Note that DBServer:Commit() can fail for many reasons, ranging from a lack of capability in the server to lock conflicts and technical problems, such as network crashes.  Use the DBServer:Status property to determine the exact cause of the failure. DBCommit() Function
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