It is time to let you know what we have done since beta 9.Below is a list of the things that are ready and will be included in beta 10.
We have also published the contents of our help file on the website.


  • We have completed support for the DEFINE keyword. The type clause is now optional. The compiler will figure out the type of the define when no type is specified.
    The DEFINEs will be compiled to a Constant field of the Functions class, or a Readonly Static field, when the expression cannot be easily determined at compile time.
  • We have extended the preprocessor . It now has support for #command, #translatem #xcommand and #xtranslate
  • Added ASTYPE expression, similar to the AS construct in other languages. This will assign a value of the correct type or NULL when the expression is not of the correct type:
            VAR someVariable := <AnExpression> ASTYPE <SomeType>

Visual Studio

  • Tested and works with Visual Studio 2017 RC 4
  • We have added supports for snippets and included several code snippets in the installer
  • Added support for ARM and Itanium platform types
  • The parser that is used in the Windows Forms editor now also properly handles background images in resource files. Both images in the resx for the form and also background images in the shared project resources
  • We have added Nuget support for our project system.
  • Added a project property to control how Managed file resources are included:  Use Vulcan Compatible Managed Resources
  • Fixes several problems with dependent items
  • Added implementation of the OAProject.Imports property, which is used by JetBrains


  • Fixed a problem converting WPF style projects


#1 Richard Wooters 2017-02-16 05:33
Thanks for the update.

Is there a timeline when Visual Studio 2015 Intellisense will be released?

Richard Wooters
#2 Robert van der Hulst 2017-02-16 08:27

The "official" answer is of course: when it is ready.
However I have a gut feeling there might be some interesting new features in the next build.
However I cannot guarantee that. The other things in my news article are all ready.

#3 Johan Nel 2017-02-16 12:17

Great news!

X# can only be the future of XBase with all your achievements to date.
Hats off to the 4 musketeers!

#4 Phil Hepburn 2017-02-17 18:55
Robert - well done to all guys helping to make X# the great success it will prove to be. Even the 'user' and 'forum' guys who try to break things and then report back ;-0)

I look forward to using the next version - beta 10 - with VS 2017. The public release of that is only a couple of weeks away as well.


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