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X# (XSharp)

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Welcome to X# (XSharp) version 0.2.10




Click here for the version history

Click here for the list of known issues

X# is an open source development language for .NET, based on the xBase language.


It comes in different flavors, such as Core, Visual Objects, Vulcan.NET, xBase++, Harbour, Foxpro and more.

The current version of X# supports the Core dialect as well as the VO and Vulcan dialect


The VO & Vulcan dialect is now supported in combination with the Vulcan runtime.
We have successfully compiled both the Vulcan SDK and applications that depend on this SDK.
Click here for the complete (but short) list of known issues


This documentation is also still under development. Most sections in the documentation are incomplete. We have included it so you can see a list of the supported compiler options as well as the version history.

More information will follow