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XSharp.VO.SDK Namespace

Public classAdsSQLServer
Special Dbserver class that passes the string as SQL Query to the Advantage RDD.
Public classConsole
Encapsulate a Win32 console application.
Public classConsoleCoord
A helper class encapsulating a console window's coordinates.
Public classDataField
Create a field, which is an object that holds information that defines a particular field in a data server (for example, the field's data type and length).
Public classDataServer
Provide the base class from which all X# data servers are subclassed.
Public classDateFS
Create a date field specification which holds date data type information.
Public classCode exampleDbFileSpec
Hold the file name and path for a .DBF file and provide DBF-related functions, such as creating, copying, deleting, moving, and renaming files.
Public classDbServer
Create a data server that can operate with existing .DBF database files and their associated index files.
Public classFieldSpec
Create a field specification, which holds general data type information about data elements, such as database fields and window controls.
Public classCode exampleFileSpec
Create a file specification, which provides a useful framework for managing file names and paths.
Public classHyperLabel
Create a hyperlabel, which stores information about another object.
Public classIntegerFS
Create an integer field specification, which holds integer data type information.
Public classLogicFS
Create a logic field specification, which holds logic data type information.
Public classMoneyFS
Create a money field specification, which holds money data type information.
Public classNumberFS
Create a number field specification, which holds numeric data type information.
Public classOrderSpec
OrderSpec class was designed to model index information at the order level — not file level — and complement the DBFileSpec class.
Public classStringFS
Create a string field specification, which holds string data type information.
Public enumerationConcurrency
Public enumerationNotify