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2 months 1 day ago #1 by Karl-Heinz Rauscher
DBF - save changes was created by Karl-Heinz Rauscher
I have a ported VO GUI app that runs with VN DLLs. Several controls are linked to server fields.
Now i switched to the x# VO dlls and noticed that changes made are not always written to the DBF.
When i change a control value and skip.

METHOD PshNext()

	SELF:Server:Skip ( 1 )   
	IF SELF:Server:EOf 


the value is only written to the server when the dbf is opened exclusive. VN and VO make no difference if the dbf is
opened exclusive or not, the changed value is written to the server. The dbf has no index, the locking mode is the
default one - CCOPTIMISTIC. Only setexclusive() is set to true or false, before the server is opened.

The GUI behaves exactly the same as the VO version or the X# version with VN Dlls. included is Checkbox and Radiobutton ownerdraw code, and till now i couldn ´t detect any GUI-problems when the controls are drawn.

very good - well done !


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2 months 1 day ago #2 by Chris Pyrgas
Replied by Chris Pyrgas on topic DBF - save changes
Hi Karl-Heinz,

Thanks for the thumbs up! About the DBF problem, would it be possible to send a repro sample, so we can investigate and fix this? No hurries, when you get some time to do it?


XSharp Development Team

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