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2 months 1 week ago #1 by Eric Boomsma
Problem using ReportPro was created by Eric Boomsma

I have a problem using ReportPro. If I print (or preview) my report, it never ends. It seems to me that the MaxPage is not set well of properly used.

In my application I am using ReportPro to make handcoded report. I am using Rp2Net231XS-VN401. In my application I use the references reportpro2.base.dll and reportpro2.runtime.dll.

My code:

CLASS MyPrinter INHERIT RpPrinter
// defining PrintSetPage, PrintPageBody, PrintStart, PrintEnd

GLOBAL oPrinterDriver AS MyPrinter

....and in a method of a some class:

oPrinterdriver:MinPage := 1
oPrinterdriver:MaxPage := 1
oPrinterdriver:FromPage := 1
oPrinterdriver:ToPage := 1

IF lPreview

If I Print the report it never ends. When debugging I see that the callback method PrintPageBody each time is invoked.
If I PrintPreview the report the first page is shown in the preview-window. But the navigation buttons (for moving right and to the last page) are all enabled. With reportpro 2.17 (which I used in VO) all navigations buttons were disabled. If I press the next-page-button, the pagenumber is increased and PrintSetPage is invoked with a pagenumber which is higher than oPrinterdriver:MaxPage is set to.

Is there some different behaviour in the reportpro version? Or what do I have to set to maximize the pages?

Thanks in advance for help.


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2 months 1 week ago #2 by Chris Pyrgas
Replied by Chris Pyrgas on topic Problem using ReportPro
Hi Eric,

Can you please create a complete (but small please! :)) sample showing the problem and post it here or send it to me to have a look?


XSharp Development Team

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