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TOPIC: XAML designer - you can't see it but it works !!??

XAML designer - you can't see it but it works !!?? 2 years 4 months ago #1181

  Phil Hepburn's Avatar Topic Author Phil Hepburn Offline Posts: 742
Hi Robert and Team,

I have an issue/problem with X# in VS 2017 RC3 and my WPF/XAML demo apps. I have attached a couple of images to show what is up.

I am part way through converting (manually) my Validation application (written in C#) for last year's German conference in Cologne. It is a little more complex than some of the stuff I have previously got to work, with no problems.

My current app needs to refer to class objects defined in other namespaces, and in X# code. And this is where the problem lies, the namespace references in XAML script.

The XAML designer/editor reports that the object is not found in the namespace specified in the XAML header, and then does not allow the form and its controls to be displayed in the designer ;-0((

However, the app does compile and run, and shows the WPF screen along with its contents, A-Okay!

As it is, this situation is a "show stopper" for me and further design of that screen, obviously.

Now then, I am reporting this to be helpful - BUT - I have a funny feeling that you may already have done stuff to improve the 'multiple' namespaces issues previously found in VS.

Oh! should have said - with this same app - it would not compile and run because of Namespace issues, until I closed the solution from within VS and then re-opened the same solution. Then it looks as if the system had refreshed the namespaces (or some of then in some parts of the project) and at least the app compiled and ran.

Unfortunately, this did not seem to free my designer from its namespace 'dead-lock' issues.

Note that namespaces required in the XAML mark-up script are included in the header section of the Window object - as shown in the following images :-

I hope this helps the Team in some ways. I have more things to report on VS later.

Wales, UK.

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