We have been in contact with the owners of ReportPro about support for the ReportPro product.
The owners have expressed their wish that the ReportPro customers should be supported properly, now and in the future.
As a result of these conversations we will from now on provide support to ReportPro customers.
This support will be integrated in the Friends Of XSharp (FOX) program.

This means:

  • FOX subscribers will get bug fixes and/or patches for issues in ReportPro.
  • FOX subscribers with a source code license will receive these bug fixes and/or patches in the form of source code changes and compiled binaries.
  • FOX subscribers without a source code license will receive bug fixes and/or patches in the form of compiled binaries only.
  • For non FOX subscribers the support will be available as a consultancy service.
  • Proof of purchase of ReportPro is required for this support.
  • Both the Visual Objects and Vulcan.NET version of ReportPro will be supported.
  • Both ReportPro 2 and ReportPro 3 will be supported.
  • When the X# version of the runtime is available then ReportPro will be recompiled and changed to work with the X# runtime.

In the coming weeks we will prepare "current" builds of all  ReportPro products (Rp2 and RP3 for VO 2.8 SP3 and VO 2.8 SP4, as well as for the Vulcan Runtime. Stay tuned for more information


#1 claudiocarletta 2020-10-25 11:31
Sono Claudio Carletta
ho acquistato il ReportPro2 e ho scaricato le due versioni:
1) ReportPro 2 for Visual Objects 2.8 - binaries
2) ReportPro 2 for .Net - binaries

Sono riuscito a costruire il report con il relativo file Report_002.RPT che avevo bisogno.
Ma non riesco a mettere dentro il mio programma le classi necessarie per aprire ed utilizzare (anteprima, stampa, esportazione ...) il file Report_002.RPT appena creato.

Utilizzo Visual Studio ma programmo in VO.
Quando adoperavo il VO2.5 me lo ritrovavo dentro il programma e lo utilizzavo facilmente adesso non so da dove cominciare, sarĂ  sicuramente una sciocchezza ma da tre giorni non riesco a venirne a capo.
chiedo un supporto, grazie


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