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X# Runtime Reference

This is the generated documentation for the XSharp Runtime.
Please note that DotNet does not know the concept of a function. Therefore the compiler converts functions to static methods of a compiler generated functions class.
The same is true for DEFINES. These are added as constants fields in the functions class.
The XSharp runtime has two of these classes:
  • XSharp.Core.Functions
  • XSharp.VO.Functions
There is no need to do anything special when writing code. The compiler will automatically resolve function calls, such as: Left(cString,10) and will generate the following output XSharp.Core.Functions.Left(cString,10). The compiler will also translate a define such as FA_NORMAL to XSharp.Core.Functions.FA_NORMAL.
In fact the compiler will include the value of this DEFINE in the generated code. You will not be able to see in the generated code that the value 0x00000080 was read from the FA_NORMAL define.
The source code for the XSharp Runtime is available on GitHub.
If you find bugs with this code, please report them by sending an email to
Or even better, locate the bug and send us a bugfix.
The best way to do that is :
  • Create a Fork of our Github repository
  • Create a unit test in the appropriate unit tests project
  • Fix the problem
  • Send us a pull request for the unit test and the bug fix
Of course you can also discuss issues you have or send us your comments on the forum on our website
Finally, if you like what you are seeing, you can help to support the X# development by subscribing to the "Friends Of XSharp" (FOX) program.
More information about that program can be found at our website as well.
This namespace contains the classes and structures that are used to implement the XBase types, such as USUAL, SYMBOL DATE and FLOAT
This namespace contains the Functions class that implements the Runtime functions available in XSharp.Core DLL
This namespace contains types (classes and attributes) used by the compiler. These are normally not used in End users (your) code
The XSharp.RDD group contains namespaces that are related to the XSharp RDD System
This namespace contains the Functions class that implements the Runtime functions available in XSharp.VO.DLL