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Migrating apps from VO to X#

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In this topic we will discuss how to migrate applications from VO to X# with the aid of the VO XPorter tool from X#.

When you want to do this we strongly recommend you to start small. We will therefore start with a few VO example programs and describe the steps to take and the changes that need to be made after the conversion.


Since X# does not have a runtime yet you need to have the Vulcan Runtime to be able to run your VO apps with minimal change in X#. You can use any Vulcan runtime, starting with Vulcan 2. Even the runtime from the evaluation version of Vulcan is sufficient.

The examples

The examples on the following pages show you a step by step introduction to migrating your apps.

For each example there will be an example supplied with the installer of X#. The examples come with a "before" and "after" folder.