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SHOWZOOMED and Report Pro

1 year 1 day ago #1 by Dick
SHOWZOOMED and Report Pro was created by Dick
A while ago we had a weird problem with a report (an invoice) printed (as PDF in that case) using ReportPro 2.16k. For large multi page invoices the page counter text never appeared; the window kept showing the Being printed (in Dutch "Wordt afgedrukt") message. By chance I found that changing the zoomed status to a normal status solved the problem 100%. I programmed this and it seemed to solve the problem:
SELF:Show(SHOWNORMAL) PrintReportNew(cPDFName,cReportName,cnr,"Fact.Factnr = '"+cnr+"'" ,"",aVariables,"fact","factnr",cPDFPrinter,0,FALSE,{},"",SELF,cCheckname)

It appears that since then, a bBrowser used to display the created PDF files to mail invoices to clients became inaccessible as soon as such a long invoice was one of them. A test I did with Kees, on the very same server via RD and the very same program & steps but each with our own administrative server login revealed that Kees had no problems (although it was slow) while for me it did not work!)

After lots of trial & error I found that removing the restoring Show(SHOWZOOMED) statement again solved the problem. Also I noticed that after the failed bBrowser access (in the exe still with the SHOWZOOMED in it), and closing the program, the program remained in memory in the Windows task manager. Note that most clients, also those with large invoices, did not have this problem, proven by the fact that Kees and I could do the same things while only one of us had the problem. But I could reproduce it 100% and every time so it's not random.

Is there any logic in this?


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11 months 4 weeks ago #2 by Robert van der Hulst
Replied by Robert van der Hulst on topic SHOWZOOMED and Report Pro

There must be an explanation, but I do not see it.
Maybe you and Kees have different UI settings in windows ?


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11 months 4 weeks ago #3 by Dick
Replied by Dick on topic SHOWZOOMED and Report Pro
Hello Robert,

It must be something like this although the 2 (admin) RD accounts have probably been created the same way so it's hard to find where it differs. The problem that the Report Pro PDF creation hung was seen on 2 different RD client systems -only with large multiple page invoices- but not on any others: we could copy all data and create the reports without problems on our Pc.

Somehow ReportPro seems indeed to be influenced by some unknown Windows setting. I keep my fingers crossed that my workaround keeps working everywhere.


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