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One other VO error: compiler error for non existing variables which are there

1 year 3 months ago #1 by Dick
There's one more problem I sometimes have with VO, actually it's 2 but usually connected.

On compiling, I get compiler errors telling the class variables of some of the controls on a window are absent. Usually the last added ones. They are there and what helps is moving a random control in that window left and right and then it compiles without errors.
Also it happens now and then that I set a font (type, size, etc) which is visible in the generated code but not in the output.

I regularly export all AEF's and import them in a freshly created repo so I do not suspect repo corruption to be the cause.
What helped: I selected Edit all code, removed all resources, static defines, the init and the class and saved the windows once again. After adding manually added class variables, everything was regenerated and the problem was gone. But after a while I had again one Fixedtext set to bold which did not show bold.

Is this maybe also something which can be solved with a setting?


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1 year 3 months ago #2 by Robert van der Hulst

The only time when I have seen that is when I had the class definition in the source code editor (SED) open and the window editor (WED) as well. I saved something in the WED and then made changes in the SED. When saving the code in the SED I was overwriting the changed class definition and or Init method that was generated by the WED.
That is why saving the window again will work, because it overwrites the source again.
I know that the WED does not check to see if the source it generates is open in a SED.

We have done that differently inside XS in our VS Integration.
There we check to see if the file is open in an editor window.
It it is then the changed source does not get written to disk but to the editor window.


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1 year 3 months ago #3 by Dick
Hello Robert,

Yesterday I had the same problem and with your remarks I found that it went wrong somehow because I had multiple entities open (and the screen was closed at that moment). The new fields were really missing although the windows was saved and I don't think I had the class open. I closed the editor, reopened the window, saved it and after only editing the one method it kept working.

I think both an open screen + code + multiple entities can cause it so I will keep an eye on it in the future.


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