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Destruct sequences

1 year 6 months ago #1 by Karl Faller
Destruct sequences was created by Karl Faller
in a VN (ex VO) app now under X#, i use on a datawindow a specialized sle class. Part of it's specialness is it protects another instance of the owning windows' server to do some checks.
My problem: app crashes when closing the app via menu or "X". Closing the window itself produces no crash. I added a destructor where server is closed and nulled, but to no avail.
No big deal, as i'm not sure if i'll follow this implementation path further, but i wonder what's the big difference in the "destroy" path between close window and close app...


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1 year 6 months ago #2 by Chris Pyrgas
Replied by Chris Pyrgas on topic Destruct sequences
Hi Karl,

Too hard too tell without seeing the code. Can you recreate the problem in a very small standalone app, with only one window and one such SLE? If yes, please post it to have a look. If not, usually the best way to debug such issues is to start removing parts from the app/windows, until the error doesn't happen anymore, which will give a very good hint n what is actually causing it (ie the last thing you removed!).


XSharp Development Team

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