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TOPIC: Runtime Performance experience VO->X#

Runtime Performance experience VO->X# 2 years 4 months ago #1264

  ArneOrtlinghaus's Avatar Topic Author ArneOrtlinghaus Offline Posts: 126
Now much VO code is transferred to X# and is in our test phase. What I can say about the performance of the programs:
- When opening the program and having open few data windows, the X# compiled program is about 10% slower than the VO program.
- When having open 10 or more data windows, the X# compiled program is faster than the VO program (to say the truth: It gets less slowlier than the VO program, also in Dotnet Garbage Collection needs CPU, but is much better working than in VO.

What I have done until now for performance optimization:
- In the VO GUI classes and in our basic window classes much more code is strong typed early bound. Especially everything which is related to Windows messages/Events can influence performance.
- With the Telerik Just Trace Performance parts I have found some big CPU consumers and rewritten these parts.

So summarizing this experience I can say that the performance does not seem to be a big problem for the way to Dotnet, also using much old "ugly" code. I hope that in the nexts months I will have some more experience running the programs also on other computers.


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