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Visual Objects

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SystemMenuClose etc 16 Mar 2019 02:02 #7768

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    LOL persistent aren't you Johan! :D All good. Downloaded it, got the addin from THIS site, and am having a play with it at the moment :)

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    SystemMenuClose etc 16 Mar 2019 06:14 #7770

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  • Jeff, you are right about that, the samples you will find in MSDN use the c# syntax. The X# syntax is very similar to VO, you will soon learn to easily translate from c# to X#. But you need to get used first to some new concepts, like namespaces, static and instance methods etc, in order to fully understand how things work. In VO things were very simple, in .Net there are so many more features in the compiler and the framework itself, so there's a bigger learning curve.
    XSharp Development Team

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    SystemMenuClose etc 16 Mar 2019 07:02 #7771

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  • Hi Jeff,
    let me add something: X# lets you use your VO code as in the past (with some limitations), and even supports the use of the VO GUI classes and the dataserver classes (DBServer and SQLSelect).
    Therefore there are differences to C#, and if someone recommends to look at C# code: this means "how" the problem was solved, and not the C# syntax itself. Sometimes X# accepts a similar syntax as C#, but sometimes the syntax is different.
    C# does not difference some things, where X# instead makes a difference.
    Take this sample C# class declaration:
    public partial class InputBookDocumentList : object, INotifyPropertyChanged
    In X# this code would be written (IMHO more clearly):
    public partial class InputBookDocumentList inherit object implements INotifyPropertyChanged
    C# for example does make a difference between the inheritance from a class or the implementation of an interface - IMHO a very important difference.
    And C# uses the dot "." for everything: separation of namespaces, static methods, properties and normal methods.
    X# insteads makes a difference: the dot is only for namespace separation and static methods (both things that does not exist in VO), but uses the ":" for methods and properties (access/assign) like in VO.
    This makes code IMHO easier to read.
    C# uses the parentheses { } for everything, but X# uses
    begin namespace - end namespace 
    class - end class
    if - else - endif
    for - next
    and so forth - again compatible to VO, and IMHO much easier to read.
    The Xbase language is much easier to read because it is more explicit, and it permits to keep large projects maintainable for years.
    Therefore I'm very, very happy that X# lets us use the .NET Framework and all the new tecnology with such a clear language.
    P.S. and let not forget the dynamic arrays, macros and other goodies of the language
    Wolfgang Riedmann
    Meran, South Tyrol, Italy

    www.riedmann.it - docs.xsharp.it

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    SystemMenuClose etc 16 Mar 2019 10:23 #7776

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  • Nah I am not persisting, I am just XSharping... :lol: Never went to bed before 03h00 this week... Up at 08h00 XSharping away. Oh did I mention giving support inbetween too (No names mentioned)?

    Well having ILSpy you can now take any Template application that you created, compile with no code change, fire up ILSpy, look at the .EXE/.DLL that you just created... Select Language (X#/c#) look at the differences, soon you will be reading MSDN, stackoverflow (good place to look for examples and answers), codeplex, csharpcorner, csharp-examples as if it is just badly written X#.

    Oh and by the way, your initial question, I just googled: "c# Confirm closing Form", guess what was the first search result:
    Johan Nel
    George, South Africa

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