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TOPIC: Overtaking Vulcan Projects into X# Projects

Overtaking Vulcan Projects into X# Projects 3 years 1 month ago #279

  ArneOrtlinghaus's Avatar Topic Author ArneOrtlinghaus Offline Posts: 126
I am working with Vulcan in VS. I have now installed the new X#-Release. So I tried to find a simple solution to overtake the projects into X#.
- First I have made a test project in X# and inserted the compiler settings as I have them in Vulcan.
- I have copied this file into the file Xsprojtemplate.txt as attached.
- I exchanged some project specific text with place holders for single values:
- I deleted the itemgroups and inserted a placeholder {VNITEMGRPS}
- Now with the code in XSConverter.prg I read the VNPROJ-File, read the data necessary, read the template, substitute the variables and save it as a XSPROJ-File in the same directory.
- To the item groups with the references the two DLLs VULCANRT and VULCANRTFUNCS have to be added.
- Then I made a new solution file and added the XSProj files using the same code.

Currently I am stuck with some compiler errors, but I am sure that with the next build of X# I can go on.


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Overtaking Vulcan Projects into X# Projects 3 years 4 weeks ago #280

  robert's Avatar robert Offline Posts: 1048
Thanks for your contribution.
For the next build of X# we are planning to include a tool inside Visual Studio that will read a solution, and process all Vulcan projects in the solution and will create X# project files for each project (with new project guids) , and which will adjust all references between projects to make sure that all references are updated. Finally a new version of the solution is created.

We already have a command line version of the tool, but it needs a proper UI.
I will look at your code and will see if there is anything in there that we are missing.

XSharp Development Team
The Netherlands
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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