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6 months 1 week ago #1 by Karl-Heinz Rauscher
XIDE and "Find in files..." was created by Karl-Heinz Rauscher
i want to find out how often the word "IDM_StandardShellMenu_View_Form_ID" appears in the mdi app.

1. when i open all source files and choose search in "all open files" the number of hits is 10. That´s correct.

2. But when i choose "Find in files" there are only 6 Hits. It seems that XIDE never searches in *.vh and *.rc files, or did i overlook any search setting ?


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6 months 6 days ago #2 by Chris Pyrgas
Replied by Chris Pyrgas on topic XIDE and "Find in files..."
Hi Karl-Heinz,

Hmm, you mean .vh and .rc files that are subnodes of a .prg file with a menu or window in it, right? Indeed Search in files does not search there, although it should, but I just had not thought about this. Thanks, will try to implement it for the next ver.

Btw, I also just realized that the .vh extension should not be .vh anymore, but should be .xh now :). Will look into changing that as well, just need to make sure it doesn't cause any problem with existing old projects created during the vulcan days...


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