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TOPIC: Problem referencing other projects with Nuget-references

Problem referencing other projects with Nuget-references 06 May 2020 15:25 #14389

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  • Ran into a problem today, with a XSharp Test-project that references other C# test-projects.
    The XSharp project only has reference to NUnit-package
    The referenced C# project references Moq.dll. And Moq.dll has two dependencires:
    and TaskExtension references:

    When buliding the reference C# dll, and Moq.dll is copied to bin-folder for the XSharp test project. But the Moq's dependent assemblies was not copied to output.
    This broke the test, with 'assembly not found'-issue

    I tried adding the nuget-references explicitly, but that broke (generate rebindings not implemented).

    My solution now it to have direct Reference to the missing dependencies, but that is a hackish workaround.

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