A pleasant surpirise from the X# team

7 months 1 week ago #1 by Johan Nel
A pleasant surpirise from the X# team was created by Johan Nel
Hi all and specially the X# team,
As most of you know I am battling currenttly with my eyesight and between Dick posting a message here and me finding a workable solution after a year of inactivity I received a pleasant surprise yesterday.

To the X# team:

Thank you guys for the BIG flower surprise I received yesterday. It took my breath away, it is really appreciated, no words can describe the feeling to realize somewhere people are thinking about what I am going through.

To the rest:

Some of you I have met personally and some only via NG. I do see there are a couple of new names in the forums. Guys and gals(are there any) I think we all need to appreciate our involvement in a wonderful community and hats off to the X# team for blowing new breath into the XBase world!!!

Kind regards,
Johan Nel
George, South Africa.

Johan Nel
George, South Africa
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