4te Generation

2 years 10 months ago #1 by Horst Korak
4te Generation was created by Horst Korak
Hi folks

Arround 1990, i found dBase2 on a Kypro Laptop ;-)
From this moment on it was my favorit language (dBase), i was writting something in Basic before.

For Assembler i was not smart enough :-(

Then i found Clipper. Wow - speed like crazy and with Sabo's C and Assembler Code, ready for all the people needs on earth. When i was looking for sourcecode or books the whole XXX (it was NOT the internet 'ilink was the name i think') was full of stuff (knowleges to download and chating rooms).

Then years later - i was not believing that Windows will catch the world - VO 1.0 comes. Realy again a revolution in generating sourcecode for data applikation. When i was reading the SSA Applikation , it was so simple to generate code , marvelous.

But , what happends in the years between Clipper and VO ? I think VO comes to late. Many programmers changed to C and windows + SQL apps, before VO was ready to catch all this people.
In the days of VO 1.0, i coud not believe that any other language will have a chance against this powerfull tool.

But, we all know its not happend like that.

When i saw PHP or JS code, i was shocked, unreadable , realy normal people needs hourse to uncode this shit. ;-)
Or XML - ohhh the whole world was lifting it up to heaven, but its so primi....

I wish, and it is from my buttom of my heart that X# will show the people outside, there is a progress in making code for computers. And its also on us, to show all the and tell other programmers what powerfuil language it is.

1. Assembler
2. C
3. Basic
4. Clipper and xBase

When somebody ask me - witch language do use to code ur apps.
My answer is allways - in the 4. generation language Visiual Objects and soon (so i hope) X#


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2 years 10 months ago #2 by Robert van der Hulst
Replied by Robert van der Hulst on topic 4te Generation

I cannot promise that you will be happy with X# when it is ready, but from what I hear from others that are already using X# to convert (parts of) their code, we seem to be on the right path.


XSharp Development Team
The Netherlands
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2 years 10 months ago #3 by Wolfgang Riedmann
Replied by Wolfgang Riedmann on topic 4te Generation
Hi Horst,

what Robert said: I'm very happy with X#.

I'm a long time VO programmer, started with the pre-release of VO 1.0 (after having worked with Clipper, also combined with C code). Most of my time I'm programming in VO, have several big applications (the largest with about 300.000 lines of code, without counting the underlying framework).

I like X# very much, specially when combined with XIDE. It makes it easy to transport C# code and it is much more readable than C# (one sample: C# uses ":" for "inherit" and "implements", but there is a big difference). And I prefer IF - ENDIF because it makes code more readable than parentheses - so with X# I'm on the right track I think (readable source code is what makes projects maintenable for long periods of time - about 20 years now for my largest project).

I have already a few X# applications in production (small pieces of code), one of them freshly written in X#, and two converted from Vulcan.NET.

And if you take XIDE: it is entirely compiled with X#. That alone is to prove that X# really works, even at this early state.


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