a quiet break !

1 year 8 months ago #1 by Phil Hepburn
a quiet break ! was created by Phil Hepburn
Hi guys,

Just in case you think I have run away, or given up the X# cause ;-0) I am letting you know that I will not be posting for a few days or more, simply due to family commitments. Yes, I do more than just code in X# syntax :lol:

I hope to be back for the new compiler build release, and the upgraded VS integration Robert talked about.

On a broader topic, I intend to launch a new website soon, with domain name "ClickStartXSharp.net" but don't try this at the moment as it is not as yet available to anyone - me or you.

The new site will be the source of all of my eNotes, old and new, in one place, and the new ones will be written totally with X# in mind. I hope to have samples of data base related apps on hand for general use as well.

Topics to support .NET application building will still be included, like Virtual Machines, and SQL servers, and XAML, etc., etc. But I intend to use X# in place of C# whenever possible.

And now for my break ........... see you in a while,
Best Regards,
Wales, UK.

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1 year 6 months ago #2 by Phil Hepburn
Replied by Phil Hepburn on topic a quiet break !
Okay guys,

I have now returned from family and personal commitments ;-0)

When I returned from my/our 40th wedding anniversary, spent in the English Lake District (very nice), I came home to wait for Robert and his team to complete the first full public release of X# and so I got into making my sister-in-law a new garden seat / bench for her rather nice garden. See attached image.

See, there is more to life than just coding all the time ;-0) Image for you Karl !

I find coding and woodworking go nicely, 'hand in hand' - both can be very creative!

However did I find time to go to work? - yes, I am semi retired I suppose.

I am currently writing a post on removing the frustrations for using .NET namespaces, assemblies and templates - what was once a frustration for me is now a pleasure, I intend to pass on some tips - look out for my post, after I have completed the application of yacht varnish a few more times, on the Ash timber of my new seat.

Wales, UK.

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1 year 6 months ago #3 by Karl Faller
Replied by Karl Faller on topic a quiet break !
thx for the nice pic!
Well, i have some books about "english gardens", reading them is somewhat frustrating, as each chapter seams to start with "plenty of ... although garden xy has only some 300 acres..." - one wonders, if Britain has space left for anything else ;)Sure your work will shine at it's destination.
Meanwhile having some fun with RC5, as i finally should start some rework of older tools, which need enhancement.


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