Last year in the last week of September we have announced XSharp at the DevShare conference in the United Kingdom.
One year later XSharp is no longer a promise but a full blown product!

We are pleased to announce that we have released XSharp Beta 7 both to our FOX subscribers and to the general public today.
XSharp Beta 7 is a major step forward, especially compared to Public Beta 1 from February 2016.
Many new features have been added to the product, and major steps have been made to make X# compatible with Visual Objects and Vulcan.NET.

This version has almost all of the features that are needed to compile Vulcan.NET applications.
We still call this version a Beta version because it misses a very small number of features to compile your Vulcan applications, but the quality of the product is not Beta software at all but Release quality.

Now is a great time to look at XSharp and to test your VO and Vulcan code with XSharp.


Some of the changes since Public Beta 1:

Some new features (also in the Core dialect)

Also many changes were made in the Visual Studio integration such as:

The installer for FOX subscribers will come with both a Debug and Release version of the compiler. The Release version compiles many times faster than the debug version and also many times faster than the Vulcan.NET compiler!The public beta contains the Debug version only.

Future Builds

We expect to release a new build in the coming 6 weeks, which will include the latest missing pieces for the BYOR support and some improvements to the Visual Studio Integration.
With that build you should be able to compile ALL (correct) Vulcan code, including 3rd party libraries such as Classmate, ReportPro, RightSLE, Vn2Ado etc.

After that we will start working on our own Runtime, including replacements for the RDD system, Macro compiler and runtime functions.

You can download XSharp Beta 7 from the downloads area on our website.


The Public version of X# can be downloaded for free, but this is also a perfect moment to subscribe to the Friend Of XSharp (FOX) program.
You will help to support the XSharp development and will help to move your Visual Objects and Vulcan application forward in the DotNet world.Licenses are € 999 per year and include frequent updates and support through closed newsgroups and forums by the X# Development team.

We will also give you support for Visual Objects and Vulcan.NET. After all: we know these products inside out, so who can better support you and provide you with workarounds or solutions for problems with these programs?