We are very happy to announce that we have uploaded X# Bandol Beta 6 for our FOX subscribers.
This build adds the RDD support to the runtime including the DBF-DBT-NTX RDD and the advantage RDDs. We have also included DBF-FPT. CDX is not available yet.

We have also included compiled versions of the VO SDK Class libraries that are compiled against the X# runtime.
The complete list of changes can be downloaded from https://www.xsharp.info/itm-downloads/download?path=general%252FReadme%252Fwhatsnew2006.rtf.


#1 Rene J. Pajaron 2018-10-28 23:20

#2 Fabrizio Malaguti 2018-10-29 00:22
Great Work.

#3 Wolfgang Riedmann 2018-10-29 05:48
Thank you very much for all your hard work!
#4 Danilo Giuliani 2018-10-31 08:43
Thank you Robert
#5 Johan Nel 2018-11-02 08:38
Great news, but what else can be expected from the Super Team

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