We have just released XSharp Bandol Beta 3 to our FOX subscribers. This is a special Summer Holiday version to celebrate the summer (at least on our hemisphere) and to celebrate the World Cup victory of one of the devteams' countries. 

This build fixes some issues that were found in the runtime and the compiler in Beta 2.

It also fixes some issues in the Visual Studio 2017 integration and has improved keyword case synchronization and indenting support.

The compiler has some changes compared to the previous build but is still of release quality.
The runtime is a beta version and should not be used for production code. It also misses some features that you may need.


#11 Dick 2018-07-17 14:42
Hello Wolfgang,

Quoting Wolfgang Riedmann:

For the runtime you can continue to use the Vulcan runtime as before, until in a later Bandol release both the runtime and the RDDs are available.

Thanks - but to be sure in that case: what are features that are missing that one may need?
#12 Wolfgang Riedmann 2018-07-17 14:47
Quoting Dick:

Thanks - but to be sure in that case: what are features that are missing that one may need?

The runtime is beta. That means that some functions don't work correctly or differently from their VO/Vulcan counterparts.
But it would consider it nearly release quality as I have very few issues. The X# runtime is much faster than the Vulcan runtime when it comes to arrays.
And if you need DBF or ADS: currently the RDDs are under development and not yet released.
#13 Robert van der Hulst 2018-07-17 15:44
Quoting Dick:
Hello Wolfgang,
Thanks - but to be sure in that case: what are features that are missing that one may need?

Nothing is missing, that is why I always include the comment that the compiler is still release quality.
We call it beta because the runtime components are not ready yet and may have small issues.

If you work with the Vulcan runtime then 2.0.03 is perfect.

#14 Chris Pyrgas 2018-07-17 20:05
Hi Dick, I think I had explained this to you 3 weeks in our email exchange, that with every new X# build you can still use the vulcan runtime as before for dbf access. The pure X# version is at works.
#15 Dick 2018-07-17 20:52
Hello Chris, Robert,

My X# programs compile indeed with the Bandol beta 3 with only one minor quirk: my Postbuild copy command suddenly ended with error code MSB3073 ("Exited with 1") while it was unchanged. I solved this by entering a space at the end. Probably just one of the VS surprises.

@Chris, yes you did write "dbf support will be added in the next weeks" and " I suggest to wait till this new build is released" so I concluded that the Bandol versions didn't support dbf at all and the new build you were talking about was a 1.22 or something. Now I understand dbf support will be present without the need for Vulcan libs but for me that aspect wasn't immediately clear. Anyhow, thanks for explaining and the updates and I'll check it out further.
#16 Chris Pyrgas 2018-07-17 22:27
Sorry Dick, rereading my post to you, I realize it was not very clear! But glad this is straightened out now and btw, the editor in VS should be working much better with your projects now with the new build, please tell us if you still see any remarkable delays.

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