We are very happy that we can announce that, a little bit later then planned, we have uploaded XSharp "Anjou" Release Candidate 5 to the download folder for FOX subscribers.
As you can see from the version number we have been ready for a while, but internal QA has found a couple of (very small) things that we wanted to fix before releasing the product to our customers.

RC 5 will be the same as the General Release, unless one of our customers finds a show stopper in the next couple of days.

The General Release will most likely be released beginning of next week (July 3 or 4).

Some of the highlights of this release:

Our 'Vs Anniversary' offer (30 discount) expired beginning of this month. However we do want to encourage new users to come and join the FOX program. We have therefore added a new discount of 30% to celebrate the release of X#. This discount is valid until August 31, 2017.

Finally, we know that some of you are still subscribers to the VOPS program from GrafX. And you are disappointed with what you got for your money.

We have good news for you: we are now also offering a Competitive update.
If you become member of the FOX program we will take over support from your VOPS subscription. And the good news is: if you have an active VOPS subscription then can subscribe to the FOX program with an additional discount. The price for the FOX program will then be reduced even more, depending on when your VOPS subscription expires.

Click here for more info on the Competitive Update