We are proud that we can announce that the final beta of X# (Beta 12) has just been released to our FOX subscribers.
Some of the changes in this build:

  • We have migrated to the Roslyn codebase for C# 7. That will allow us to add many new language features in the not too far future and also solves some small problems from the earlier codebase.
  • The build contains some changes that make the compiler more VO compatible.
  • We have added support for X# Scripting.
  • We have made many improvements to the Visual Studio integration.

For a complete list of changes look at the what's new document in the General/Downloads section on this website.

If you want to support the X# project, it is not too late. We have a special 30% discount to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Visual Studio. This special offer is valid until June 7. Click here for more information.

Finally: we have also received another great customer example from Wolfgang Riedman, his "Door Configurator".
Look in the examples section on this website for more details about this example.



#11 Richard Wooters 2017-06-02 20:47
That's Good to hear,

The only reason we have both X# and Vulcan.NET installed at the same time is so we can support our clients that are running the older software, in Vulcan.NET, while we roll out the new software built in X#. So we TAGed and have frozen old software in Vulcan.Net and now the main TRUNK will continue on in X#.

My next big task to get all of my programmers (licensed, signed up and installed ) in X#.

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