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We are pleased to announce that XSharp Beta 10 has been released to our FOX subscribers today.
This beta contains many new features and works together with Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio 2017.

Some of the highlights of this build:

  • Support for User Defined Commands in the preprocessor, including Function style Defines
  • Many improvements in the Visual Studio integration.
  • A new 'ASTYPE' keyword, which works just like the 'as' keyword in C#. So it combines a type check and an assignment in one statement
  • Full support for VO style DEFINEs The type specication is now completely optional.
  • Some bug fixes
  • Performance improvements for compiling assemblies with large numbers of defines and/or (_DLL) functions

For a complete list of changes look at the version history in the documentation on this website.

Our next build is scheduled around end of April, short before the XBase.Future converence in Cologne.


Tks for all excellent and hard working from the X# team.
Waiting for the supporting on FoxPro dialect...

Even if I'm earlier FOX subscriber, ı can' reach the beta10.
Sincerelly yours.

Ramazan from Turkey.

Robert van der Hulst
Please contact me by mail so we can sort this out.


Wolfgang Riedmann
Installed and recompiled all my applications without any issue - a big "Thank you" to the team.
I have yet to check out the awaited preprocessor

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